The West's Awake - Classi-Folk
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This track is from the brand new album Turning the Tide by Islander (Alexander), featuring James. It is available at Islanderfolk

Opera singers perform a mix of classical and folk songs

Classi-Folk is our newest "gallery", born from a recent trip to the West coast of Ireland where the folk music tradition is strong, the scenery is spectacular and the Guinness is a 3-course meal!

On guitar, keyboards and percussion, Opera Galleria breaks new ground with a genre-blending mix of songs from the classical and folk traditions. The fire and passion of the Mediterranean meets the cool haunting melancholy of Celtic folk. Our songlist ranges from the Godfather theme to the Foggy Dew, Torna a Surriento to Songbird, the Rolling Stones to Tosti, Gaelic love songs to Sicilian dance tunes and blackbirds to red, red roses!

Rehearsal clips from the Classi-Folk programme

Languedoc, France / United Kingdom |

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